U14 Program

U14 Program Description

U14 non-scored competition is organized at close to home areas for most of the season. These programs consists of non-scored Open GS & SL races throughout the season and with division qualifiers in February for selection to the NHARA U14 Finals and NHARA U14 Championships in early March.

Athletes may qualify from the NH U14 Champs to the Eastern Region U14 Championships in mid-March. In late March, the USSA Eastern Region and Alpine Quebec and Alpine Ontario will compete at the non-scored U14 Can Am Races. Selection is from the race portion of the Eastern Region U14 Championships. Information on access and format will be available from your club and the NHARA website.

NHARA U12/U14 Information

Age Group

12 and 13 year-olds as of 12/31/2021

NHARA/USSA membership requirements

U14 competitors must hold a current USSA Alpine Competitor U14 membership and a current NHARA membership.

Coaching Staff

Larry Nickerson

U14 Calendar